Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop performance image Heather Harvey in scene by Mieko Gavia

Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop

BRTW exists to explore, create, and produce art-as-revolution.

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Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop envisions a world where more artists of color can make a living wage from their work as artists. The cold reality of our industry is that artists often work more than 60+ hours a week in various industries, struggling to afford healthcare, rent, and other necessities. While BRTW works tirelessly to bring intersectional narratives and conversations to audiences wherever we can, we also aim to create a self-sustaining artistic collective that radically disrupts the inequality within our industry by:

  • Employing artists of color
  • Bringing nontraditional narratives to educational and community environments
  • Creating original work that reflects, deconstructs, and occasionally makes fun of our shared reality


  • “It reaches into the audience and slams them on the ground. It’s a spiritual powerhouse – with an intellectual punch to match.”


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